Why Foxy’s not getting any in the Land of the Cheater

foxy 414Ever get the feeling someone’s after you? Well, you want to try doing my job for a few hours and then you’ll realise it’s not all free lunches, free hampers and free alcohol in this role. Sorry to break it to you, yes, and you Meggy and Peggy, sometimes being so in demand is rather annoying.

Take this week. No sooner had Monday morning come around than I was sifting through more emails than a blonde stunner on a dating site.

Then the phone started: “Oh hi sweetie darling, sorry to bother you, and I know you must be super, super busy, sweetie darling, but did you get my very important email, sweetie darling?”

Then you get another email to say they’ve just phoned. PRs, hey, you can’t live with them, you can’t live with them (see what I did there?)

Mind you, as soon as Friday morning arrives and the deadline looms for this column, they all seem to vanish into thin air, forcing me to trail back through the hundreds of messages I’ve already received to find something vaguely interesting to send you on your way to the weekend.

Sometimes, and I’m sure you recognise when, there’s nothing, nowt, zip, zilch and nada going on so I have to make it all up (are you still with me, Meggy and Peggy?) or try to find something to slag off one of our lesser rivals with.

(Slim pickings this week, although Marketing Week’s ‘premium content’ article about the latest car logos is pretty desperate – nearly 20 quid a month for that insight? Bah.)

Anyway, there I was this morning, wondering what on earth to do when journalistic.org rode to the rescue with a classic piece of research, which fingers the advertising industry as The Land of the Cheater.

That’s right Foxy fans, those working in advertising and PR are the most likely to cheat on their partner, with 60% of those who responded to a survey by Resume.io admitting they had played away; 27% with a colleague. Meanwhile two-thirds claim they had completely got away with it and would do it again.

Well, all I can say is, you lucky lot. Fat chance of me having an office fling when the only men on offer are Fatty and Fattier.

Surely there must be some decent looking PR fellas out there somewhere but where the hell are you when I need you? (Of course, I’ve just remembered it’s Friday). Ah well, there’s always next week…

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