Why July is the worst month to run marketing activity

foxy 414“Good old Sussex by the Sea! Good old Sussex by the Sea! You may tell them all we stand or fall, For Sussex by the Sea.” Yep, last week’s Decision Marketing Wedding celebrated everything my adopted home county has to offer.

Long Blonde (the lager, not the bride), Sussex Charmer (the cheese, not the groom), Old Man (the beer, not the father-in-law) and Orange Dirty Shirley (the cocktail, not the mother-in-law) were in plentiful supply. Even Old Tosspot (the ale, not McKelvey) went down a treat.

Now, while we obviously wish the happy couple a long and blissfully loving marriage, now we’re in July we feel we must point out there we are entering the peak time for cheating.

You see, according to everyone’s favourite extra-marital affair website, illicitencounters.com, as soon as the warm weather erupts there’s a “cheatwave” coming (and quite literally it seems).

With sign-ups for the site soaring this month, love-rats are gagging to grab one last chance for action before they head away on their family holidays in August.

In fact, there are just three weeks until all this cheating reaches the climax of Frisky Friday (July 22), which just so happens to be the last day of school – and the last chance for many cheaters to see their secret dates – before families begin to head abroad.

But what, I hear you ask, is driving this need for a bit on the side? Well, the most common reasons women cheat include bad sex at home, being drunk, fancying a change and the need for excitement. Funnily enough for men it is a similar tale, including boredom in the bedroom, being drunk, revenge cheating, meeting someone at work, and the fact that life’s too short.

Sexpert Jessica Leoni reckons: “Affairs activity shoots up over the course of the month as cheaters grab one last chance for some action before the summer getaway. There is an explosion on Frisky Friday when so many couples will be getting it on in secret just as the school holidays start.”

So is there a lesson for marketers in there? Well, only one, it seems. Don’t bother running any campaigns this month, everyone will be too hard at it to even look at your ads…

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