Why super-scoop missed the Presidents Club dinner

foxy nSo, the most powerful men in Britain attend a grope-fest all-male event at the Dorchester, no-one sees anything, and all and sundry – including David Walliams, who has hosted the dinner for the past three years – are so disgusted that they go home early? Hmm.
As one wag wrote on Twitter: “Given the number of men at the #PresidentsClub dinner who claim to have a) seen nothing, b) gone home early, and c) not known they were providing an auction prize, I’m a trifle concerned about the eyesight, stamina and managerial grip of today’s ‘top businessmen’…”
To be honest, I’m surprised they went at all after seeing that Mark “super scoop” Kleinman was on the guest list. Not this time cheeky Charlton chappie, the FT’s Madison Marriage has pipped you to the post.
Anyway, it transpires that, after all, it wasn’t the Mark Kleinman, the former Precision Marketing, Marketing and Sunday Telegraph hack whose unrelenting pursuit of scoops has left many in its wake and propelled him to the dizzy heights of City editor on Sky News.
The Mark Kleinman on the Presidents Club Charity Dinner guest-list – who may or may not have attended – works for James Andrew, a property agent, of course, as the Mark Kleinman was quick to point out “to anyone whose interested” on Twitter…
His former colleague turned radio buff, the lovely Lucy Barrett (Kavanagh), was quick to respond that “it was never in doubt”. Others weren’t so kind, with one saying: “It’s ok mate you don’t have to explain…we wouldn’t think that of a Sky bod…you lot are so pure.”
Mind you, rather ironically, it has been hard to finger any of the 360 guests from British business, politics and finance and entertainment who did attend the event, apart from a couple of Tory ministers, who can always be relied upon to make idiots of themselves. David Mellor anyone?
But all I can say is that, from what I have heard, thank god the FT has never been to a marketing awards do…

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