X marks the spot: this Emily definitely gets Foxy’s vote

foxy nThis being the 100th anniversary of (some) women in the UK being granted the vote, I found myself being drawn to Manchester, birthplace of the Suffragette movement.
Of course, I really should have visited the Pankhurst Centre on 62 Nelson Street, where Emmeline Pankhurst held the first meeting of the Women’s Social & Political Union.
However, instead I found myself at 64 Dib Street spying on auditions for the next X-rated  Burlesque Revue; come on sisters, that is feminine empowerment at its finest, and, what seems like the perfect place to hold Roxy’s hen party.
After all, it’s great showcase for northern talent, and has in the past been home to none other than Lily La Fox, Starla Bright, Raven Noir and Manchester’s very own burlesque dancing salmon, Ginger La Rouge.
And, to keep with this week’s theme, there was even one beauty auditioning under the name of Emily Spankhurst, replete with the sashes, badges and early 20th century dress. I’m not too sure whether she made the final cut, but given the fact that the Daily Mail would no doubt be outraged, she gets my vote.
Of course, my trip to Manc town was not simply pleasure, I was actually on a work visit to check out the burgeoning tech and agency scene…luckily The Media Octopus came up trumps with its Persian art gallery scoop. I might even be able to secure a discount on one of their £350,000 etchings.
Talking of stories, is it just me or has our one-time rival Database Marketing finally given up the ghost? Not that I’m an avid fan of the DBMtoday website you understand, but I think it might just need to rebrand to DBMyesterday if the last time I looked is anything to go by; it hasn’t actually been updated since August 24 2017.
I’m not too sure it can get away with saying this any more either: “With a 14-year track record in covering the leading edge of direct marketing and customer management, Database Marketing magazine is the premier source of information on exploiting both new and traditional direct channels to the customer.”
Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the struggle for daily news has certainly taken its toll on my life, but surely, they could have found something to write about over the past 168 days?
And it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, if any of its advertisers are looking for a new home, they would be more than welcomed into the bosom of Decision Marketing…

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