Tributes pour in for Shelagh Regester

Friends and former colleagues have paid tribute to data and CRM expert Shelagh Regester, who has passed away after a three-year illness.
A recognised authority on business strategy and direct marketing, Regester was most recently director of marketing strategy at Acxiom.
She started her DM career at McCarthy Cosby Paul in 1984, and became a founding member, managing director and part owner of Information for Marketing (now Harte Hanks) in 1987.
Regester went on to hold senior roles at Arc Worldwide and CACI. In 2007, she quit as client services director at CACI to set up a consultancy business, Insight Success, providing consultancy, mentoring and training services to blue chip organisations, agencies and marketing services supplier companies.
She was a regular speaker for The IDM and judge at the DMA and Data Strategy Awards, as well as a keen horse-owner.
Nigel Grimes, a senior consultant at Terradata and a former director of customer insight at The Royal Bank of Scotland Insurance Services, said: “First and foremost Shelagh was a good friend whom I was lucky enough to know for nearly 20 years and we had many fun times together.
“On a business front, not only did she do some great data work for me and many others over the years, but she helped me transform the performance of my teams with her coaching and teaching skills that she had developed earlier in her career.
“The industry will sadly miss Shelagh’s intelligence, positive approach, humour and her support.”
Adrian Robertson, CRM consultant at the COI, first met Shelagh in the Nineties. He said: “Working with Shelagh was always a great experience but the best time was when work was over, the wine was out and discussion switched to career advice (always sound), the latest horse… which was usually trying to break a bit of her and an update on her family.
“There often appeared to be a family member lodging with her while studying. As well as her obvious DM genius I’d like to remember Shelagh as Nannie McRegester to Heather Westgate (or rather to Heather junior).
“Using the skills from her teaching past and data logic to deal with smelly nappies and general baby trouble! This may of course be a figment of my imagination but more fun than a BT reconnection data strategy.”

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6 Comments on "Tributes pour in for Shelagh Regester"

  1. Charlie says: “One of the warmest and most genuine people I have ever met, Shelagh had a knack of laughing her way through adversity. Even when things were at their bleakest over the past few years, she fought through it. She had a love of horses – having bought what she described as “an old nag” at an auction when slightly worse for wear – so we should all raise a glass, especially during her favourite Cheltenham Festival week, for one of the good ones. She will be sorely missed.”

  2. I have known Shelagh for years. The last time we met in 2009, when I was setting up The Marketing Planning Practice. I knew she was ill, but this has come as a great surprise and shock. 

    She really was a GREAT person. I will miss her.

    John Wallinger

  3. For many years Shelagh & I were involved in judging the DMA awards together she was so knowlegeable, really understood marketing & data but much more importantly was a great Communicator and really lovely, fun person to spend time with . Very sad today

  4. It was my privilege to have known Shelagh as a colleague and friend. Agree with previous comments – warm, genuine, positive and an inspiration. She knew she was ill long before being diagnosed, but didn’t do anything about it because she was too busy looking after a terminally ill friend. This sums up Shelagh – she always put others before herself.

    Effing anyoing that you missed Wimbledon this year with me old mate. rip.

    Penny Dryden

  5. So sad to hear of Shelagh’s death. She was a dear schoolfriend at Christ’s Hospital (Hertford) many moons ago. She was such a warm and reliable pal and always so funny. We used to sneak out of school (Dickensian boarding variety) and hang around in Hertford Castle grounds surreptitiously smoking, gossiping and giggling. Only got lovely memories and good things to say. If we do meet up with loved ones in some kind of afterlife then her dear old Dad will be so happy to see her. Lovely Shelagh xx

  6. Such sad news to hear of Shelagh’s passing. I’ve known Shelagh since 1984 and had a lot of fun working together as well as many happy times tearing about the Surrey/Sussex countryside on horseback. The memories of champagne fuelled Cheltenham Festivals will be with me forever. It always makes me smile when thinking of Shelagh – such a fantastic raconteur, she had so much positive energy, she was generous, kind and an inspiration.

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