20:20 reverts to Jaywing brand

Martin 0449Jaywing, the company set up by former First Direct marketer Martin Boddy in 1999, has become the new brand name for the 20:20 group, formerly known as the Digital Marketing Group.
DMG was launched by ex-adman Ben Langdon in 2006, after securing funding through a reverse takeover with investment company Seashell II.
The funds allowed Langdon to embark on a major acquisition spree, ultimately leading to deals for the likes of Jaywing, Dig For Fire, HSM, Cheeze and 20:20 London, the agency which was set up by Peter Riley in his loft and grew to become one of the biggest digital agencies in the UK. When Langdon left in April 2011, DMG agencies were rebranded 20:20 and split into three companies, 20:20 Agency, 20:20 Dialogue and 20:20 Technology. Riley quit in May 2012 and is now executive creative director for the OgilvyOne Asia Pacific network.
More recently the company was split into two groups, 20:20 and 20:20 Consulting.
Under the unified Jaywing brand, the company will bring together branding, digital, contact, CRM, search, social, data, analysis and change management disciplines.
Its clients include First Direct, Carlsberg, Vodafone, The Open University, the London Eye, Nestle, and Pepsico.
Jaywing chief executive Boddy (pictured) said: “Over the past year, the business has undergone a number of changes, including a largely revamped management team and structure. Throughout this time, we’ve been working together much more closely to join up our expertise and bring clients the best of all worlds.
“Our team comprises diverse brand, marketing and communications specialists to rival any boutique or single discipline outfit; alongside the UK’s best and brightest data analysts and technical architects with change programme skills that deliver world-class customer communications.
“Our rebranding to Jaywing formally marks this evolution, and the beginning of a fresh chapter in the company’s history. Whilst there are a number of reasons behind our name change, we’re thrilled all to be part of the same family with a name that is uniquely ours.”

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