23red woos young to sign for Organ Donor Register

bloodThe NHS Blood & Transplant service is launching a new campaign to promote the importance of joining the NHS Organ Donor Register to young adults.
This initiative, devised by 23red, asks the simple question – will you ‘waste or save’ your vital organs when you die. To appeal to the target market, the agency has created a series of animations called “The Vitals” which sees illustrated vital organs characterised, talking frankly about organ donation.
The activity will be rolled out across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, directing users to the NHS Organ Donor Register. 23red has also created an interactive animation for the campaign page which will allow participants to choose whether they ‘waste or save’.
The Vitals are used to educate the audience, not only on the importance of registering as an organ donor, but also on the function of the different organs and why they are essential to those waiting for a transplant.
Recent research conducted by NHS Blood & Transplant revealed that 40% of those who would be willing to give their organs have not joined the NHS Organ Donor Register simply because they have not got around to it. There are currently around 6,500 people waiting for an organ transplant in the UK.
Traditionally, messages around organ donation have focused on waiting and reciprocity messages. NHS Blood & Transplant wanted to do more to provoke conversations and registrations among 18- to 35-year-olds who are a key focus for the organisation.
NHS Blood & Transplant assistant director Ceri Rose said: “Engaging a young adult audience in conversation around organ donation requires an innovative approach. 23red has created content that is both impactful and entertaining which will encourage the younger audience to really take note of this important issue and ultimately drive them to register.”

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