Audi UK drafts in analytics platform to boost ROI

audiAudi UK is seeking to better understand its customers’ journeys and optimise its marketing spend by implementing a new marketing analytics software platform.
The VW-owned car giant has appointed MarketShare to use its DecisionCloud planning and attribution analytics tool, to understand the true value of each marketing activity as well as customer interaction, and predict the effectiveness of future marketing investments.
Following a competitive procurement process, Audi chose MarketShare for its best of breed technology, service and ability to scale.
Audi UK head of marketing Nick Ratcliffe said: “Now more than ever, it is important to see marketing as a profit generator – not a cost – on the income statement and MarketShare has helped us to highlight this.
“We rely heavily on agency partnerships and MarketShare has been very cooperative with all of our partners, who have improved their campaigns thanks to this integration.”
Audi has also deployed MarketShare DecisionCloud to access the data in real-time, with effectiveness being measured through predictive analysis and evaluation on improvements to ROI.
MarketShare general manager EMEA Lucien van der Hoeven added: “Marketers need to find ways to make their brands heard above the noise in both the online and offline landscapes in order to drive revenue growth. By tapping our predictive models that cover both planning and campaign-level attribution, Audi UK will be creating a sustainable competitive advantage to better understand the journey its customers take, make more effective marketing decisions and ultimately connect marketing to revenue.”

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