Marketers ‘still failing to tap data’

business_womanData may often be described as the “new oil” but nearly half of all marketers are letting it pour through their fingers and down the drain by failing to capture the right stuff.
According to a new Forrester report, commissioned by Silverpop in the US, behavioural data still remains “the greatest untapped marketing asset”.
While marketers who incorporate buyer insight in their campaigns experience significant benefits above their peers, only 45% actually capture this data in a way that is both efficient and actionable.
The report adds: “Having data is important, but remember, brands have to be able to use it – this means consolidating it within a single unified database for easy handling.”
When asked to assess the potential gain of using behavioural data across channels, the survey respondents cited ROI and customer as the biggest perceived benefits (44% and 42% respectively).
It also found that behavioural marketers are getting more sales. In the B2B marketers attributed 34% of total sales to behavioral marketing (about 10% higher than their peers at 26%). Meanwhile B2C marketers attributed 26% of their revenues to their behavioural strategies (with peers at just 21%).
“While marketers have come a long way in automating their efforts, not all are using marketing automation at its full potential and incorporating buyer behaviour into their campaigns in order to deliver the most personal and engaging customer experiences possible,” said Bryan Brown, Silverpop director of product strategy.
“Data is the fuel that powers today’s digital marketing campaigns and no insight is more valuable than what buyers tell you based on the actions they take. By capturing and then quickly acting on this behavioural data, marketers can form very rewarding individual relationships that lead to revenue and a deep sense of loyalty that can last a lifetime.”

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