Best days for social media revealed

facebook-woman-2New analysis attempts to lift the lid on what days of the week are best for brands to cut through the clutter on Facebook, and, although it shows slight peaks, the good news for hard-pressed marketers is that weekends are probably best avoided.
Socialbakers studied just under 3 million Facebook posts from 23,000 brand pages in order to judge both when the most posts were made, and which days of the week provided the biggest engagement potential.
It reveals that weekends do not work out as well for the studied brands, although low traffic usually translates into more interactions, in terms of likes, comments and shares. And, although the majority of Facebook posts are made on Thursday and Friday, Monday is one of the best days for engagement, the study shows.
While more posts were published on Friday, their probability of ranking as most engaging was only 2.6%, barely ahead of Wednesday’s 2.4%. Monday more than doubled Friday’s probability at 7.1%.
However, those seeking definitive answers will be left disappointed, as Socialbakers claims there is no ideal day to post due to everyone’s audience being different, but this data can help brands better understand what is working for competitors.
Socialbakers added: “The search for the ideal day to post on Facebook will never tire because brands will always be cautious about timing when it comes to reaching their audience. But to be frank, there is no ideal day for posting, as so many factors influence the level of engagement the content triggers. The industry you operate in, the market specifics, the nature of your product/service portfolio, the demographic characteristics of your target audience, and things like the season of the year will inevitably have an impact on your performance.”

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