Brands get Facebook data boost

Marketers can now use Facebook’s Open Graph to obtain realtime customer data – including music, videos and articles shared – and integrate it directly into their own marketing database, through a Neolane service designed to power personalised campaigns.
The ability to use Open Graph data extends Neolane’s social, local, and mobile (SoLoMo) marketing capabilities, which allow brands to engage connected consumers with realtime, location-based offers across a growing spectrum of channels and devices.
Neolane claims it is the only cross-channel marketing solution currently able to use Open Graph data to improve one-to-one, personalised communications through integration with its marketing data-mart.
By transparently collecting users’ actions on Facebook (such as music listened to, videos viewed, articles shared and check-ins made) through social opt-in, via Facebook Connect or Facebook applications, brands can provide their customers and prospects with more targeted offers.
“Each month through Facebook applications, 25 million people share their music preferences, 16 million share videos they have viewed, and 30 million share the articles they have read.
“However, many marketers are still unable to integrate this data into their existing marketing systems to improve customer communications,” said Stephane Dehoche, president and chief executive of Neolane. “This customer and prospect data is a tremendous, untapped asset that marketers can’t afford to ignore. By collecting users’ actions through Open Graph, Neolane allows marketers to use this realtime information to deliver personalised cross-channel experiences that increase sales and build loyalty.”
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