Callcredit jumps into mobile sector

callcredit jumps into mobile sectorData giant Callcredit Information Group has signed a partnership deal with multi-channel customer engagement specialist Brainstorm to offer brand-owners what the two firms claim will be greater mobile engagement with consumers.
Their first joint project, involving the deployment of SMS campaigns to customers for a leading – yet unnanmed – national retailer, is set to launch this month.
The campaigns to be deployed include one-way and two-way SMS engagement options. The objectives of the campaigns are to drive consumers to stores and help increase online sales.
The move is part of Callcredit’s strategy to deliver what it calls “smarter business and marketing communications through the whole customer lifecycle”. Dragon, Brainstorm’s customer engagement platform, was selected due to the breadth of features it provides, which it is claimed enables Callcredit to effectively design and implement messaging campaigns to the target audiences.
Callcredit technical solutions director at Cyril Law said the deal will mean the data firm can get its hands on “actionable intelligence”, allowing it to develop “feature-rich communications” and real-time results.
He claimed: “The value that the Brainstorm platform will provide not only us, but also our customers, will be unparalleled. The ability to quickly develop campaigns on the fly means that we will be able to react quickly and offer consistent campaigns across multiple channels and markets. And with Location Based Services (LBS) coming to the forefront in many sectors, including retail and finance, we’ll be able to harness that data and offer truly interactive and targeted campaigns with higher conversion rates.”

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