Chuggers blamed as drop-outs rise

Nearly a third people who sign up to street fundraisers – the much-maligned chuggers – never go on to make the first payment, according to the latest figures which expose a rise in drop-outs.
According to the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association’s annual Donor Acquisition & Retention Survey, ‘no shows’ jumped from 21% in 2010 to 30% in the 2011 calendar year – with poor quality staff being blamed. The figure had remained at 21% or below for the previous five years.
The latest figures, compiled by face-to-face fundraising company Future Fundraising, analysed data from 30 charity members of the PFRA. The study is based on 1.5 million individual donors recruited to 210 separate campaigns.
The stats will make worrying reading for the PFRA, which recently claimed the number of people who signed up to give to charity through street fundraisers had risen by almost 40% in 2011/12.
Speaking at the trade body’s AGM, PFRA head of standards and allocations Nick Henry said the quality of street fundraising had fallen.
Henry said: “It has got worse because it has got harder and recruitment is harder. As it has got more expensive and harder, the more difficult it is to recruit enough suitable staff who are responsible and able to be trained to the level of skills some of us remember.”

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