Comté seed mailer targets delis

French cheese maker Comté is launching a sense-stimulating direct marketing campaign to boost brand appeal to delicatessens around the UK.
The initiative features a mailpack, devised by agency MBA, which is embedded with wildflower seeds for delicatessen owners to grow themselves. The idea is that the pack will take them on a sensory journey to the French meadows where Comté cows graze on wildflowers that flavour the unique taste of the cheese.
The mailing packs, which have been sent to over 2,000 delicatessens across the UK, are wrapped in envelopes shaped like packets of seeds to consistently carry the theme.
MBA chief executive Stephen Maher said: “We wanted to devise a campaign that opened up people’s imagination to the unique taste of Comté cheese. Our seed-laden letter opens up all senses to the wildflower meadows where their cows graze by giving Comté’s target audience the chance to grow their own mini meadow.”
The mailing is the latest example of the rise of sensory mailings. Royal Mail already offers a service it calls “Sensational Mail” which includes the ability to add a scent or brand fragrance to a mailpack, or the flavour of food or drink on a wafer thin gel strip. And brand owners are also being offered “talking direct mail” with the launch of a new business from web-to-print software specialist Print Fair and Really Wild Cards.

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