Coppafeel takes message to toilets

Youth breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel is aiming to get women to sign up for its free, monthly text reminder service, to check their breasts with a new tongue in cheek campaign by AIS London.
Following on from the 2012 ‘CoppaFeel! in the Shower’ campaign, the latest initiative targets young women in washrooms through Admedia posters.
The premise of the creative is, you should send a text you’ll be glad you sent, not one which you’ll regret in the morning.
It shows a mobile screen with embarrassing texts, such as “You look hot tonite. Want to come back to mine later? xx” and the repercussions of the text the following morning, “Sorry, who is this?”.
Launching this week, it promotes the free monthly SMS reminder service – ‘Text NO REGRETS to 70300’.
AIS London creative director Kevin Bratley said: “We’ve all been there, a drunken text sent in the moment from the nightclub toilets that you deeply regret in the morning.
“So using adspace in exactly those toilets, we decided to get young women to send a text they wouldn’t regret instead. As always for CoppaFeel it’s all about delivering a serious message in a fun way. The copy tells the story of the night before and the morning after. Particular attention was paid to getting the language in the text spot on – right down to changing words to their predictive text replacements.”

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