CoppaFeel urges shower checks

Youth breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel is launching an experiential campaign – ‘CoppaFeel! In The Shower’ – to encourage young people to check their breasts as part of a daily routine.
The campaign, by AIS London, follows last year’s “Hello Boobs” initiative, and strengthens the message that checking your breasts should be the ‘habit of a lifetime’.
It also continues to encourage people to sign up for the free monthly SMS reminder service – ‘text BOOBS to 70300’.
The initiative will be rolling out at UK festivals, including Underage, V Festival and Bestival, throughout the summer with pop-up ‘Boob Tents’ offering shower-themed activities.
Festival-goers – including celebrities such as DJ Mistajam – will be able to write messages on shower walls, and enjoy a shower photo booth complete with accessories like shower heads and rubber ducks, as well as speech bubbles to hold up with the message: “I’ve just copped a feel in the shower”.
Other activities include transfer reminder tattoos for hands and breasts, and waterproof stickers explaining how to check your breasts.
The campaign will continue into universities, with the help of a uni ‘Boob Team’ and with various activities and events taking place in Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.
CoppaFeel founder Kristin Hallenga said: “With the help of AIS London’s engaging campaign we want the shower to be the place where women check their breasts. Young people should know their breasts like the back of their hand: if your hand changed you’d notice immediately, and it should be the same with your breasts. We want young people to ‘CoppaFeel!’ in the shower without even having to think.”

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