Facebook trials mobile ad system

Facebook is aiming to fix one of its major issues – finding ways to exploit its growing base of mobile users – by launching tests of a new mobile advertising system.
During the build-up to the social media firm’s flotation, analysts and investors voiced concerns over its lack of a mobile ad strategy, especially since research showed more users are accessing Facebook from mobile devices than from browsers.
Facebook said in a blog post: “Today we’re announcing a new way for mobile app developers to grow their business with an ad unit that helps them reach and reengage their users. In the past 30 days, [Facebook] has sent people to the Apple App Store and Google Play 146 million times, via clicks from channels. Mobile ads are an additional way to drive people to apps.”
Gabriel Consulting Group analyst Dan Olds said: “Facebook definitely has to do something to get some value out of their mobile user base. Users are increasingly using smartphones to access their pages and, until now, Facebook hasn’t had much success in getting ads in front of those eyeballs.”
However, the company will walk a fine line to keep mobile ads from being too intrusive. A recent YouGov study claimed that smartphone users are crying out for more relevant ads, offering money-off deals and special offers. At the moment, the vast majority – 84% – ignore ads placed on apps, and even more – 86% – think they are highly intrusive.

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