Dutch firm reveals ‘iTunes of porn’

Dutch firm reveals 'iTunes of porn'A Dutch online platform – well, it would be Dutch – is launching what it claims is the ultimate personal service by introducing a custom-made video on demand service, based on the taste and preferences of its members with the aim of becoming the “iTunes of porn”.
Faploid asks members to create their own profile and indicate their personal “interests”, which then allows the platform to offer them custom-made adult content.
The movies of its VoD service come straight from the big studios, which, Faploid reckons, guarantees quality videos without advertising along with increased safety to members.
Faploid’s co-founder and chief executive is a man who goes by the name of Tony Tillate – not quite titilatte but close enough.
He said: “The online adult market has increased enormously in the past years. Everyone who wants to can watch free porn movies or pictures, but the quality is terrible and they are spammed continuously. Offering a personalised content is an innovative step in this market. We have created the new business model all the big companies in the branch have been searching for.”
The Dutch start-up launched its personalised online adult magazine at the beginning of 2015. “Flipboard gathers everything on the Internet that interests people. Our magazine does the same with porn,” Tillate added.
The personalised adult magazine contains videos and pictures based on the preferences and the taste of the viewer. Faploid wants to expand the content with written articles. “Thus we create the Playboy of the future” he claimed.
In the near future, Faploid wants to use its technology and approach for other personalised online magazines about sports, cars or fashion. It also wants to expand the platform with personalised live-cams and dating services. makes it a one-stop-pornshop, according to Tillate.
Faploid is based in the Netherlands and has a London office as well. The platform is continuously innovating the adult market, both graphical and technical. Faploid wants to be ready for the future by offering products which it suggests “meet the strenuous demand of customers”.

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