Facebook targets creative chiefs

Facebook is launching a scheme to enable creative directors to view and comment on advertising campaigns being run on the social networking site.
The website, Facebook Studio, promotes the concept of social advertising, in which consumers are targeted based on their social network and are invited to interact with marketing campaigns.
Facebook Studio hopes to show the creative potential of social advertising, encouraging creative teams to share, like and comment on creative work published on the site.
The initiative is one of a raft of schemes Facebook is using to court agencies and cement its own brand of online advertising to boost revenues. It has even appointed a head of agency marketing, Jennifer Kattula. She is quoted as saying: “One of the biggest challenges that people talk to us about is that Facebook is not a place to be creative because the ad unit size is so small, and there’s no sight, sound and motion. The idea is that social is creative. It’s more than just ads.”
The social networking firm began its campaign by inviting a select group of UK advertising leaders to meet Facebook’s top executives at an “influencers’ summit” last month in Palo Alto, California, according to reports.
The summit highlighted the word-of-mouth power of Facebook and its impact on advertising, and the use of conversational language to engage with consumers.

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