Honda motors into viral chart lead

Honda motors into viral chart leadBrands looking for a heads-up on how to produce the latest seemingly elusive marketing commodity – content – could do worse than take a leaf out of Honda’s book after a new study showed two of its car ads have attracted more than 20 million views on YouTube.
The top ten viral video car ads in the UK has been devised by Visible Measures, which has tracked over 3 trillion video views, 500 million videos, and 16,000 video campaigns since 2005, and sees over 380 million people cross its platform every month.
Visible Measures used its True Reach methodology and video platform to analyse over 8.1 billion video views across the web during 2013.
It includes the original videos uploaded by the brand and the copies and derivative content uploaded by audiences. Unlike shares, which only show the number of clicks on “share” buttons and not actual performance, True Reach shows the complete performance of a video campaign online.
Honda takes the first two places, while Chevrolet rolls in taking positions 3 and 4. Ranking 5-10 is a spattering of different brands including Volkswagen, Volvo, Toyota, Mini, Land Rover and Audi respectively.
Mallory Russell, director of content at Visible Measures, said: “This list isn’t full of standard auto ads, the kind where a car drives around as a voice over discusses its features. All of these ads have engaged viewers because they tell stories and show how a vehicle is more than a mode of transportation, it’s part of a lifestyle.
“Honda’s ‘Hands’, for instance, tells the history of the brand in a creative way, engaging viewers by wondering what the hands will create next. While a campaign like MINI’s ‘Not Normal’ shows the fun that the brand inspires and brings to consumers’ lives.”

Top Ten Viral Video Car Ads in the UK
1 Hands Honda 12,052,069 view here >
2 An Impossible Made Possible Honda  7,184,417 view here >
3 Outstanding Design Chevrolet  6,655,860 view here >
4 LifeTest Chevrolet  4,919,194 view here >
5 Play the Road Volkswagen  3,773,129 view here >
6 Commuter Hijack Volvo  3,264,957 view here >
7 The Real Deal Toyota  2,825,208 view here >
8 #NOT NORMAL 2013 Mini  2,605,877 view here >
9 Driven Challenges: Pikes Peak Land Rover  2,167,653 view here >
10 The new Audi R8 V10 plus Audi  1,777,418 view here >

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