It’s another stick up as mailshot nobbles Jack Russell

dogConsumers might be falling back in love with direct mail but their four-legged friends are finding it hard to swallow after a second Jack Russell was rushed into an emergency operation following a run-in with a mailpack.
Oscar, the 10-year-old terrier, was treated at Blackpool PDSA Pet Hospital after munching his way through the glossy leaflet only to find it had formed a gloopy “papier mâché-like” substance that had glued his teeth together.
PDSA vet Rachel Smith said the dog was in an extremely distressed state and had to be anaesthetised before staff used dentistry equipment to remove the sticky substance and release his jaws.
The dog’s owner – Pat Finnerty of Marton Moss, Blackpool – said she had gone shopping with her daughter and returned home to find Oscar in an extremely anxious state.
Finnerty said: “I brought him back a treat and he wanted to eat it, but couldn’t open his mouth, and there was all this saliva everywhere. When I looked closer at his mouth, I could see that he couldn’t open his jaw, but I didn’t know what it was.
“I noticed a chewed up leaflet that must have been posted through the letterbox and realised what had happened.”
In January last year, another Jack Russell dog ended up in exactly the same sticky situation  in Devizes.

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