Junk mailer jailed for 3 years

junkA fraudster involved in a global junk mail scam, who preyed on the elderly and vulnerable, is starting a three year prison term after being found guilty of fraud.
Nigerian Hendrick Meniru, who lives in Bedford, persuaded his victims to send $40 for a “certificate of blessing” from a personal wealth talisman.
Others who thought they had won a £7,500 prize handed over £11.99, only to receive digestive biscuits.
Judge Stuart Bridge at Luton Crown Court said they were blatant attempts to extort money from naive customers.
Meniru, who had earlier been found guilty of two charges of unfair trading, was convicted of two charges of fraud and one of failing to comply with money laundering regulations.
Judge Bridge said one scam was so successful that those targeted sent more than £200,000 in the first few weeks of the promotion for a key to a “unique” box that did not exist. “Those preyed on were vulnerable, gullible and financially compromised,” he said, but he did concede that Meniru was not the ringleader, just a “willing participant”.
Christopher Coltart, defending, said Meniru had arrived in the UK from war-torn Nigeria and had “pulled himself up by his bootstraps”. He added: “He is fundamentally a decent man who has done extensive charitable work. He did lose his way for a relatively short period of time.
“He has suffered financially already and will not be able to continue in business.”

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