KPMG looks to buy data companies

kpmgConsultancy giant KPMG is on the acquisition trail after forming a global fund to invest in data and analytics businesses through strategic purchases and technology partnerships.
KPMG Capital will be wholly owned by the professional services and auditing firm, and headquartered in London.
The $100m fund aims to identify, innovate and accelerate the rapid delivery of data and analytics offerings to clients in areas such as risk management and cost optimisation.
Further areas the fund will invest in include finance, regulation and compliance, and workforce productivity, while will help develop solutions for growth sectors such as healthcare, financial services, energy and telecoms, KPMG revealed.
“We were quick to support Tech City with a permanent base, and we’re going to stay ahead in delivering the extraordinary potential of data and analytics to our clients,” said Simon Collins, UK chairman of KPMG.
“For a major company to harness this we have to be more agile – co-investing, sponsoring and partnering at early stages, and encouraging technology entrepreneurs to be bold. KPMG Capital gives us the dedicated funding and flexibility to do this.”

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  1. Consulting giant KPMG sets up acquisition fund for data companies #directmarketing #digitalmarketing #data

  2. KPMG looks to buy data companies #data #insight #bigdata

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