Lloyd wins day as charity enforcer

Fundraising Standards Board chairman Colin Lloyd – the former DMA ‘el presidente’ – has won the day again, this time over who should handle public gripes about fundraising, after convincing the other two other charity groups to relinquish their complaint-handling powers.
In a joint statement from the FRSB, the Institute of Fundraising and the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association, the three organisations said that there was “unanimous agreement” that the FRSB should be the single public-facing regulatory body.
The move follows recommendations made in the review of the Charities Act 2006, which said there was a need to address the “confused self-regulatory landscape” .
In a new definition of their roles, the statement said the IoF should be the standards setter and writer of rules and codes for all fundraising, while the PFRA would continue to play a specialist role focused on distribution and enforcement of face-to-face fundraising, it said.
“The chief executives and chairs of the three organisations were united in their determination to work cooperatively to meet the challenges thrown down to the sector,” the statement said.
Lloyd said: “Clarity over how the self-regulatory scheme for fundraising works is vital for both the sector and public.
“When things go wrong, the public needs to have one clear point of contact for complaints, and we are delighted to now have complete agreement that the FRSB will perform this role.
“We will continue to work closely with the PFRA when handling concerns about face-to-face fundraising and to channel donor feedback to the IoF to ensure that it is reflected within future code development.”

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