Sites opt for light touch on cookies

More than a third of UK websites have yet to implement the new EU cookie law – which came into force nearly four months ago – with the vast majority of those which have, opting for the bare minimum, according to a study.
The revised EU e-Privacy Directive, which came into force at the end of May, requires anyone running a website to get opt-in consent from their visitors before deploying cookies.
In a survey of 231 websites by data privacy management firm Truste, only 12% were found to have enforced prominent privacy notices with robust cookie controls. Meanwhile, 51% had minimal privacy notices with limited cookie controls, and 37% had yet to comply.
“Based on our analysis it is clear that many companies have started to take the EU Cookie Directive seriously and devoted time and resources to implement a compliance solution that helps their users control the tracking activity on their site,” said Chris Babel, chief executive of Truste.
However, Babel added that some companies have yet to put a compliance solution in place, and may need help finding a solution that is appropriate to their business model.
Some of the best examples of robust compliance used approaches that made the implementations especially user-friendly, said Truste.
The study shows a marked improvement since June, when it was revealed that three-quarters of the top 75 websites in the UK had yet to implement the new EU cookie law despite being sent a warning letter from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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