Marketers ‘clueless on automation’

Marketers 'clueless on automation'Most marketers have their heads stuck so firmly up their backsides that they are clueless when it comes to marketing automation, according to a new study which shows more than a quarter (26%) have never even heard of it, while a further 49% are only partly familiar.
These figures are even more surprising, say the report’s authors, as 60% of marketers who have gone down the automated route believe it has had a positive impact on their communications.
The Adestra research, which sampled 200 UK-based, senior-level marketers from a variety of sectors also investigated marketers’ perceptions of the benefits of automation technologies, as well as the potential barriers to implementing them.
Of the marketers that have an understanding of technologies, there are a number of benefits they perceive that automation can provide, including saving them time (74%); increased customer engagement (68%); more timely communications (58%); and increased opportunities, including up-selling (58%).
However, despite the attraction of these perceived benefits, the research respondents recognise that there are potential barriers to implementing automated technologies. Data integration (34%), technology shortfall (26%) and a lack of skills or experience (18%) are highlighted as some of the biggest road blocks, alongside the usual challenges presented by budget and time restrictions.
Adestra chief operating officer Steve Denner said: “It’s astonishing that such a large proportion of senior-level marketers have little or no knowledge of automated marketing technologies. The marketing industry is synonymous with having its ‘finger on the pulse’, and its adoption of technology as a driver for change is well known. I am surprised that there is such a knowledge gap here, with so few marketers having yet to experience the fantastic results that automation can help to achieve.”

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