Merger waves goodbye to Ruby

Ruby, the agency set up in January 2008 by former CHI Direct creatives Matt Davis and Richard Megson, along with ex-Proximity London board director David Miller, is to merge with parent Red Brick Road.
Bizarrely, the new agency name will be decided by the management team after a competition between agency staff.
All three have equity in the business, with The Red Brick Road as majority shareholder. Miller will now become managing director of the new agency, while Davis and Megson will head up creative hubs, along with Sam Cartmell, Jason Lawes, Matt Lee and Pete Heyes.
The Red Brick Road co-founder Paul Hammersley is to stay in the same role. Co-founder Paul Weinberger will become chairman, while managing director Karen Buchanan is to be managing partner.
Miller said: “Becoming collaborative is what everyone is waking up to. We just felt it was really important to involve all employees so decided they could name the agency through a competition.”
Back in 2008, Hammersley said: “The reality is some clients want an integrated offer, others need a specialist, but connected, offer, and some want specialist, independent agency relationships. The combination of Ruby and The Red Brick Road will be able to meet all these requirements.”
The combined agency will have 90 employees, and Miller claims there are “no redundancies planned”.

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