Met refutes crash victim data sale

The Metropolitan Police has dismissed reports that it sold contact data of crash victims to personal injury lawyers, insisting the money raised – over £5m since 2009 – has been for legitimate deals.
The reports originated from a Freedom of Information request by car insurance company LV Insurance, which showed the Met, along with Hampshire and Fife constabularies, had made money by passing the details of crash victims to third parties.
However, the Met insists that the £5m relates to administrational costs associated with legitimately passing on information about road incidents to the lawyers and insurances companies of individuals involved.
“The MPS is clear – we do not sell details of people involved in road traffic collisions to compensation lawyers or claims management companies,” it said in a statement.
“Every road traffic collision is investigated by police to see whether any offences have taken place, and reports are filed as appropriate. Copies of these reports and associated documents are provided on request to solicitors and insurance companies acting on behalf of individuals involved in the collisions in order for insurance claims to be settled. This is carried out for an administrative fee.”
The Information Commissioner’s Office is looking into the reports.

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