Microsoft in Japan quake gaffe

Microsoft has been forced into an embarrassing apology after complaints that it was using the earthquake in Japan to promote its Bing search engine.
The company originally posted a message on its Bing Twitter account which read: “For every retweet @bing will give $1 to Japan quake victims, up to $100K”.
But the post sparked a barrage of complaints from “Surely you shouldn’t use such a tragedy for self promotion. Have some respect for the suffering of others” and “Just send them the money publicity whore” to “That’s Microsoft I guess, always trying to appear to be good while being douche bags.”
The uproar forced the company to post a new message just six hours later, which reads: “We apologize the tweet was negatively perceived. Intent was to provide an easy way for people to help Japan. We have donated $100K.”

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