Millennials suffer digital overload

Millennials suffering digital overload.jpg newTo be fair, they do ask for it, but Millennials – that’s the 18 to 35 year olds for those not in know – now claim to be suffering from digital overload as brands take their demands to receive everything on a device far too literally.
According to a study published by Aimia, the firm behind Nectar, Millennials are the generation most likely (44% more likely) to permanently disengage with brands if they receive high volumes of mass generic email communications.
Fittingly this could be welcome news at Royal Mail MarketReach, where former Aimia chief Jonathan Harman now plies his trade.
The research, which uses classic marketing speak to dub this consumer group ‘high volume sensitive’, found that Generation X (that’s the oldies) had only a 13% likelihood of falling into this group.
The findings show that nearly than three in five (59%) Millennials indicated that the volume of email communications they receive from brands overwhelms them. The results are similar for SMS messages (60%) and push notifications (62%).
“They are the ‘always on’ generation, but it is a mistake for marketers to make assumptions about their communications preferences. Just because a person shares their details with a brand does not mean they want to be inundated with lots of generic messages,” said Aimia digital chief Martin Hayward.
“Marketers must work harder to listen to individual customer preferences and tailor communications appropriately. Privacy, permissions and preferences are increasingly crucial elements of future customer relationships. Get it wrong, and High Volume Sensitive consumers are ruthless in cutting brands off.”
High volume sensitive consumers will only engage if the content they receive by email, for example, is tailored to them. If it is not personalised and too frequent they will block numbers (80%); close accounts and unsubscribe from email lists (84%);delete apps because of push notifications (82%); and unfollow brands on social channels (86%).
Additional insights from Aimia also reveal that a defining feature of the high volume sensitive consumer is that they have the same willingness as others to share their personal data. However, they are twice as likely to disengage when bombarded with large numbers of irrelevant messages.
And it seems the research pans out. In response to this story on Facebook, one Millennial said: “That’s very true. If I get harassed by emails and texts I will just unsubscribe. I’ve deleted loads of apps for this very same reason.” Another commented: “I get bombarded with all sorts ‘one time offers’ and every time it’s the same bloody offer!”, while a third blasted: “I get so many it stresses me out! And I always click the little ‘don’t send me anything button’.”

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