Mobile web traffic soars by 202%

Mobile web traffic has rocketed 202% during the past year, according to a new report, providing proof – if it is still needed – that a mobile-optimised website is now as crucial as a content management system and a bank account for any online business.
The Mobile Report from Latitude Digital Marketing shows than one in ten consumers are now using their smartphones to access the web and a further 3.5% of all visits are through a tablet device.
The growth of mobile web and the associated usage trends indicate that consumers are adopting a four-screen approach to content consumption, says the report.
TV, PC, smartphone and tablet are used in sequence, with time and location being key factors determining which screens take priority. The iPhone dominates the ‘mobile screen wars’ with 70% of all mobile visits now arriving via an iPhone device, followed by 24% of consumers using an Android device to access the mobile web.
Latitude chief executive Alex Hoye said: “The first quarter saw the fastest growth in mobile web traffic to date. Yes – mobile is growing rapidly, but what is even more exciting is the way consumers are using and engaging with mobile and tablet devices.
“There’s a huge difference in the way PCs, tablet and mobile are being used to access the web, ranging from the task-based user experience of the PC to the localised, personal browsing experience of the mobile.
“Both mobile and tablet cost-per-click rates are still lower than desktop, creating fantastic opportunities for advertisers to acquire high quality traffic at a reduced rate. It is crucial advertisers also think about messaging that is relevant and consistent throughout the different devices.”

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