Not us guv…Facebook says no-one in EU was hit by CA

EU Parliament 414Facebook’s defiance in the face of huge political and regulatory pressure shows no signs of waning after two of the company’s chiefs rubbished claims that EU consumers had been affected by the Cambridge Analytica (CA) scandal, insisting they can find no evidence to support the argument.
Facebook privacy policy director Stephen Satterfield and vice president of policy solutions Richard Allan were both appearing before the European Parliament’s hearing on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, being led by the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE).
Satterfield said: “The best information we have suggests that no European user data was shared by Dr Kogan [the man who developed the app allowing Cambridge Analytica to collect data from 80 million Facebook users] with Cambridge Analytica.”
Not that it was 100% certain, as the company has still to complete its own internal audit, following the conclusion of the investigation currently being carried out by the Information Commissioner’s Office.
However, Facebook now claims that Cambridge Analytica primarily accessed US user data, because they were more useful for its US political campaign analysis.
Meanwhile, Allan insisted that while it was likely European users installed the app, their data would not have been a priority.
Andrea Jelinek, chair of the newly formed European Data Protection Board, appeared to be at her wit’s end with it all. She told the committee: “What really is concerning is that there are revelations and then Facebook admits having shared data of users and even non-users, and after each revelation, they admit another thing. It is like a puzzle, and we don’t know how many pieces are in there and how many are still missing.”

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