Ogilvy Malala mattress ad blasted

Ogilvy Malala mattress ad blastedOgilvy Worldwide has caused uproar after its agency in India came up with the idea of promoting a mattress company using a cartoon of schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai which shows her “bouncing back” after being shot by the Taliban.
The ad is one of a series for Indian bedding company Kurl-On. It shows Yousafzai falling backwards covered in blood, being attached to a drip and then ‘bouncing back’ to receive an award, and has been condemned around the world on social media.
The other two ads in the series show Gandhi leaving his career as a barrister to become a peace activist, and Steve Jobs bouncing back after he was kicked out of Apple.
The Ethical Adman, a blog written by Canadian executive Tom Megginson, said: “14-year-olds getting shot in the face by terrorists are appropriate content for mattress ads now? I am ashamed to be in the same industry as these ad people.”
Meanwhile, on Twitter @juelzkeyte blasted: “Just had to pick my jaw off my desk at the news Malala Yousafzai’s image is being used for a mattress advert. Beyond words.”
Anthony Permal, ‏@anthonypermal, wrote: “Wow talk about being d****s. Using Malala’s tragedy to sell mattresses?” and another, Ian Luke, ‏@radiogeyser, said: “Indian bed maker Kurl-on makes sick TV advert of #Malala being shot. Time some Marketers somewhere faced the firing line methinks…”
Yousafzai’s representatives said the ads were “distasteful”, but declined to comment further.

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  1. I love my industry: Ogilvy Malala mattress ad blasted http://t.co/lp8kGmhd4Y

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