Peta claims vegans have it large in steamy romp ad

PetaWhen it comes to cunning stunts, animal rights charity Peta has got it licked; after all, we have had an anti-dairy poster showing a woman seemingly covered in semen, and another depicting a person who had eaten a dog, but the organisation’s latest campaign claiming that vegans last longer in bed is set to top the lot.
To kick-start the campaign, Peta (that is the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for the uninitiated) has tried to get it aired during Super Bowl, although predictably it has been banned already. Whether the group had the budget if it had been approved is another matter.
The 40-second slot does not leave much to imagination, and would not be out of place on PornHub. It features two couples, one with a meat eating male and one with a vegan male.
The text reads: “Sleeping with someone who eats meat? There may be more than one disappointment in store. Eating the saturated fat and cholesterol in meat can increase the risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, and these can be dangerous to your love life. Why? Because they’re all common causes of erectile dysfunction.”
The ban has had the desired affect, however, with YouTube views hitting 1,149,540 since it was released three days ago. To view the ad click here >

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