Peugeot targets ‘blue lights’ clients

Peugeot is targeting the UK’s emergency services, dubbed the ‘blue lights’ customers, with a new mailing campaign to promote its range of specialist converted vehicles.
The mailing, by CMW, aims to show that Peugeot provides police, fire and ambulance authorities with the highest levels of service and specialist knowledge required for meeting the requirements of this key audience.
The pack is delivered in a large fluorescent yellow material outer with grey reflective band, replicating the high visibility plastic jackets worn by emergency service personnel at night. A plastic pocket holds the delivery address card and on the reverse the words, “who can the emergency services rely on for assistance”, appear on pulling open the flap then reveals the answer ‘Peugeot Professional’.
Within the mailer is a full colour brochure with details of Peugeot’s Specialist Vehicle Operation as the one stop-shop for emergency service vehicle conversions. A personalised letter from Louise Brown, national key account manager for specialist fleets, reminds recipients of Peugeot’s specialist skills. A passport style photograph of Louise, attached with a paper-clip completes the personalised communication. A belly band resembling black and yellow emergency services barrier tape holds the letter and brochure together.
Brown said: “Peugeot is the only UK manufacturer to manage the blue lights vehicle conversion process from end to end. Our expert knowledge, built up over our ten years’ experience in the UK market, means we can offer quality, adaptability and administration that no other convertor can provide.
“CMW has taken a creative direction that is absolutely on target for this highly specialist, time-poor audience and will do a great job of keeping Peugeot’s Specialist Vehicle Operation front of mind.”
CMW account director Rachel Day commented: “Peugeot produces unique solutions to mobility issues and their work with the emergency services is wonderful example of this at play. Peugeot is an emotive brand that places emotion at the heart of design, together with a daring, modern progressive outlook. We have placed this brand positioning at the heart of this campaign.”

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