Reding: ‘Don’t delay EU data laws’

European Commission vice-president Viviane Reding has urged MEPs to get a move on over the new data protection laws, claiming EU citizens and businesses do not want to wait two years for them to be implemented.
The proposed data protection overhaul is currently going through the consultation stage, with individual EU states shaping their response before the real negotiations
In the UK, the DMA has warned that companies involved in data-driven marketing will lose millions of pounds in profits and extra costs if forced to implement the new EU data laws in their current form. Meanwhile the CBI claims they will burden businesses and threaten innovation.
And Information Commissioner Christopher Graham has also raised concerns, even though he agrees with many of the new measures. All the viewpoints will be collated by The Ministry of Justice (MoJ), which is building the UK Government’s response to the proposals.
But Reding wants a quick decision as she believes the measures – which include a regulation and a draft directive – would improve certainty, reduce legal fragmentation and increase trust, she told a meeting of the EU parliament’s Privacy Platform. The EC claims the proposed framework will lead to savings for businesses of €2.3bn a year by slashing administrative burden and reducing public concern about data privacy.

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