Rogue ad hits Holder tribute

holder-300x200The memorial Facebook page for IDM founder Professor Derek Holder has been infiltrated by rogue advertising after a new member – approved by the site’s administrator – posted up an ad rather than a tribute to the direct marketing legend.
The post, which appeared over the weekend, promoted a range of sunglasses by someone called Camilla Oliveira. It has since been removed.
The “hack” would no doubt have raised a wry smile from Holder, known for his mischievous sense of humour. Yet its quick deletion shows Oliveira did not quite realise how DM-savvy members of the Facebook group are.  It was also only up a matter of minutes before one member slated it as “inappropriate”.
The site has hundreds of followers and is designed as a lasting tribute to Holder, who died a year ago last month. It includes comments from many of the direct marketing industry’s luminaries as well as former pupils and colleagues.
But the move shows just how easy it is for rogue advertisers to infiltrate even the most tightly governed Facebook pages.
The issue of Facebook memorial pages has attracted some controversy. Although Holder’s page was set up after his death and is administered by the IDM, for the wider public bereaved relatives and friends are now be able to contact the social networking site to have their loved-ones’ profiles converted into commemorative pages.
The pages are only visible to the dead person’s confirmed friends but they are still free to post items and pictures which some relatives can find upsetting.

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