Saga champions ‘discerning, sharp and savvy’ over-50s

sagaSaga, the UK’s specialist in products and services for people over 50, is aiming to change the way people think about age and show the more positive side of getting older, with a new ad campaign, dubbed “Generation Experience”.

The initiative is part of Saga’s wider data, digital and brand strategy, which champions the “discerning, sharp and savvy” over-50s who bring a wealth of vibrant life experience to society and represent over a third of the UK population.

The integrated campaign, based on deep customer insight, sees the launch of new TV ad and will lean into Saga’s digital channels; the activity has been devised by VCCP London, in partnership with VCCP Media, VCCP CX and Someone.

The over 50s are the fastest growing demographic in the UK, and one that holds the most spending power comparatively. Some 27.9 million people will be over the age of 50 by 2030 in the UK, and 63p of every £1 will be spent by people over 65 in 2040.

But despite the significance of this group – and rising awareness of the need for greater cultural representation of gender, race and disability – age is often left out of the conversation and either invisible or marginalised in cultural content. Only 29% of TV ads feature characters over the age of 50, with just 12% in lead roles, according to Saga research.

Saga aims to make people think differently about age and celebrate “Generation Experience”. According to Saga data, on average its customers feel 14 years younger than they are, and 91% want to experience new things and enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle.

Saga spoke to more than 2,000 over 50s in the last week and two thirds (67%) also said they were more likely to spend with a brand that embraced a positive view about life over 50, focused on experience rather than age.

Saga Group chief executive Euan Sutherland said: “People are living longer than ever before; they are working longer; they are helping their families; they are contributing to society. We know our customers do not feel old – they feel as if they are experienced. They have lived full lives, have so much to give and fully intend to make the most of each and every day.

“Our new brand strategy champions what we are calling ‘Generation Experience’ – the discerning, sharp and savvy over-50s who represent over a third of the UK population. It’s time for businesses and organisations of all sizes to have a conversation about age. As a purpose-led business with over 70 years’ experience, it’s one that we think Saga is ideally placed to lead.”

Saga’s campaign will launch with a 60-second TV ad which will reveal the new creative direction of the brand and feature The Crown, Torchwood actor Nicholas Farrell, who brings a fresh take on perceptions of age, replacing negative connotations with a savvy and sharp-witted monologue.

The creative explores what ‘old’ really means, and playfully questions why we call people ‘old’, as opposed to calling a jacket ‘vintage’, a cheese ‘mature’ or a car ‘classic.

VCCP Media devised a media strategy which includes large scale digital takeovers, influencer campaigns and social media activity. The film will premiere this weekend with premium spots, as well as a transmission schedule across ITV, Channel 4 and Sky channels in the coming months.

Saga Group chief customer officer Stuart Beamish said: “What we hear from customers is that they don’t see their lifestyles reflected in films, TV, ads or wider society. This isn’t about pretending to be young again but about valuing their experience on its own merits both for themselves as individuals and for wider society.

“We are delighted to launch a campaign that celebrates the positive aspects of ageing, built with new and existing customers in mind. It’s time to change the conversation about age in the way we have seen recent positive progress on the debate around gender and race representation. Every member of society should feel respected and valued for their worth.”

VCCP London executive creative director Jim Thornton concluded: “There’s no greater British brand than Saga to champion the experience and wisdom of elders, and the value they bring to society. And, as a 58-year-old creative, no-one appreciates their bravery and ambition in tackling this issue head-on more than me.

“The quality of the work just goes to show what can be achieved when you bring the wisdom and experience of people in their 40s and 50s like Ivan, Lorenzo, Jan and Nick to bear behind the camera. Long live The Elders.”

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