SFW unveils ‘Morethan Freeman’

Insurance giant More Th>n is introducing a new character in its marketing activity, kicking off with a series of cinematic TV ads, launching over Christmas.
Stephens Francis Whitson has devised the campaign, dubbed Morethan Freeman, featuring a voiceover by US impressionist Josh Robert-Thompson. The actor narrates clips in the style of Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman, with the final scene of the ad panning across to reveal the character standing in an unusual place. One slot for car insurance shows a Citroen 2CV driving along Brighton seafront; it grinds to a halt but is then seen moving off once more with help from “Morethan Freeman”, who is seen standing on the roof of a promenade seat.
Four 60-second clips will promote home, pet, and vehicle insurance. The TV ads will be supported by radio and a raft of social media activity.
More Th>n marketing director Pete Markey said the ads push the “trust, honesty, strength, and protection” provided by the insurance brand. “We want to build the brand – More Th>n is now 10-years old. Insurance is a serious business, and although we want to continue to show intelligent humour [in our ads], we don’t want to be silly.”
The RSA brand, which next year celebrates its tenth anniversary, originally launched with “Lucky” the dog; a campaign devised by CCHM (now Tangible Finance). SFW picked up the account in July 2005, just six months after launching with backing from VCCP.

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