Software Bureau unveils Mailmark scheme upgrade

Royal Mail ratchets up Mailmark blitzThe Software Bureau has implemented a major upgrade to its scheme which helps firms take advantage of Royal Mail’s barcode tracking service Mailmark, which gives brand owners major discounts for sending bulk mail.
The revamp sees the eManifest management process GeMMA introducing multi-user capability for the first time. This enables any part of the process to be worked on simultaneously by different teams.
For example the data team can be creating the manifests at the same time as the account handling team refining the manifest details and uploading them to the postal providers’ Mailmark services.
Another major enhancement is the ability to batch process, the firm claims. This means customers of Royal Mail’s Mailmark have the ability to submit batches throughout the day as well as rescheduling and cancelling batches at the click of a button. Additionally manifests can now be automatically closed off at the end of the day.
Software Bureau client services director Mark Dobson claimed that GeMMA is the market-leading eManifest solution and that the firm is committed to ensuring that it continues to evolve to meet the needs of the industry.
He added: “In January we outlined our intention to invest heavily in our solutions to help protect the direct mail sector and ensure it continues to thrive as a responsible, cost efficient and effective way to reach customers.
“This upgrade comes hot on the heels of our last improvement which opened up an interface for UK Mail manifest submissions that historically had been handled from the application command line. We listen to the needs of our customers and work on ways to incorporate them into our software.”

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