Staffs firm joins TPS hall of shame with £90,000 fine

cold calls 1The war against companies which abuse the Telephone Preference Service has claimed yet another “collar”, with Staffordshire home security specialist Smart Home Protection the latest to feel the long arm of the law.
The move follows a barrage of complaints about the company, which an Information Commissioner’s Office investigation found had unleashed 118,000 unlawful marketing calls between January 2017 and September 2018 to people registered with the TPS.
One complainant said: “I have physical movement difficulties and I am sick of having to get up and answer unwanted calls. They are preying on the fears of criminal activity against people at home.”
Other complainants stated the script used by the company was designed to imply crime rates in the area were on the rise and that they had a connection with the local police.
The ICO also found that Smart Home Protection had a cloud-based dialler system which suppressed TPS listed numbers, but at the time the service was not enabled. The firm also purchased third party data without undertaking any sufficient due diligence, to check whether they had the consent to call people.
Fining the business £90,000, ICO director of investigations Stephen Eckersley said: “Smart Home Protection has been in business for many years, so they should have been fully aware of their data protection obligations. It is a company’s responsibility to check the TPS and make sure that it has valid consent to make marketing calls. If they don’t, they can expect robust enforcement.”

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