TMW goes global for Sony Xperia

tmw goes global for sony xperia.jpg newSony is embarking on a highly ambitious global marketing campaign with plans to get people in 48 cities around the world to take and share photos on their Sony Xperia smartphones over the course of 48 hours.
The ‘48hr campaign’, created by TMW Unlimited, is part of Sony Xperia’s new Everyday Extraordinary positioning and will launch globally on Saturday, June 13.
Sony Xperia and TMW Unlimited have enlisted 48 of the best Instagrammers in the world to take part in the campaign. These influencers will encourage their followers to share their pictures using the hashtags #ICan and #Xperia.
The Instagram influencers, whose names no doubt trip off the tongue of every DecisionMarketing reader, include Nicanor García in Barcelona, Phil Gonzalez in Madrid, Kael in Toronto, Pauley Vella in Sydney, and Bobby Anwar in Copenhagen.
Fans will be showing what they can do with their phones, from capturing the city at dawn with the low light capabilities of the camera, or photographing a monsoon, thanks to the phone’s waterproof design. A call-to-action film, also created by TMW Unlimited, is running on YouTube encouraging people to get involved.
Content created from the 48hr campaign will be featured across Sony Xperia’s owned digital platforms and social channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
The content will also be developed into a “wrap-up video” showcasing the entire event, which will be seeded on social media.
TMW Unlimited creative director Phil Rhodes said: “Sony Mobile has amazing products and an army of fans. By putting these users at the heart of the campaign and inviting them to showcase their phone’s capabilities, we aimed to create a global movement of likeminded people – inspiring both existing consumers and prospects alike.”

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