TMW launches a ‘crap’ viral campaign for Dogs Trust

Big-Scoop-Valentines-key-visual2Valentine’s Day might be viewed as a bit of a stinker by some, but Dogs Trust is taking it step further in a new viral campaign reminding dog owners that loving your pet means loving scooping their poop too.
The Big Scoop Campaign, devised by TMW Unlimited, features a minute long film showing the love story between one man and his dog.
Created as a pastiche of black-and-white romantic French films, the ad sees the pair go on long romantic walks together, having a bite to eat, watching the sunset and generally enjoying being in each other’s company. It ends with the responsible owner showing his biggest declaration of love for his dog: scooping up his poop and putting it in a bin.
The ad will run across social media platforms and across the charity’s partners and interested parties platforms, such as Keep Britain Tidy, local authorities and vets.
Lee Paris at Dogs Trust said: “We always advocate dog owners taking full responsibility for their pets’ poop, but Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to send a friendly reminder to people that loving your animal means loving cleaning up after them, too.”
TMW Unlimited creative Brittony Collins added: “This light-hearted film is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek reminder that picking up after your dog is integral to being a responsible owner. But it’s important to make this kind of message fun and not feel like a lecture.”

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