Kitcatt Nohr in ‘sticky dogs’ mailer

Kitcatt Nohr in 'sticky dogs' mailerDogs Trust, the charity which supports our four-legged friends, is launching a direct marketing campaign to highlight canines that are particularly difficult to rehome, known by the charity as “sticky dogs”.
The work, created by Kitcatt Nohr, tells the tale of a dog called Pip and details the journey from her abandonment as a puppy to her eventual rehoming through its Shoreham-by-Sea centre. It is supported by a video on the Dogs Trust website
Pip also took part in Channel 4’s Dog Hotel show, in an effort to reach more people who could potentially offer her a permanent home.
The mailshot is being sent to the chairty’s “warm” audience, who also would have received its Christmas appeal. The direct mailpack’s overall strategy is to portray just how much Dogs Trust does to find stable homes for its sticky dogs.
Dogs Trust marketing director Nick Daniel said: “We currently have over 300 sticky dogs in our rehoming centres and we are working hard to help them find a ‘forever home’. We’re hoping Pip’s story will not only result in donations, but also encourage potential owners to visit a Dogs Trust rehoming centre.”
Kitcatt Nohr chief creative officer Paul Kitcatt added: “We knew that focusing on Pip’s story would result in a captivating campaign. Indeed, her journey demonstrates how Dogs Trust will do anything to rehome its dogs.”

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