TNT launches ‘instant pay’ scheme

Picture1-300x197TNT Post is launching a new marketing response mechanism which, backed by precise regional door-drop targeting and measurement techniques, will enable smartphone users to make an instant online purchase or donation.
Dubbed “Action Now”, the scheme is designed to be used on either a door-drop or website, including social media platforms.
Primarily aimed at the charity sector, it is available the Action Now link on the TNT site. All organisations have to do is generate a QR code or a short URL, then design their campaign response page and publish it across all existing marketing materials.
The scheme has been tailored to maximise impulse buys or donations, by using just three simple steps. A customer simply scans the code (or visits a URL), views the organisation’s response page and makes a payment.
The payment is made via PayPal, therefore the transaction and data is fully secure; it is also fully compliant with Gift Aid.
Over the past three years the charity sector has witnessed a decline in regular giving, with both monthly donations, as well as the number of people donating, falling. Action Now is designed to reverse this trend.
Retailers can also use the scheme in the same way, to enable customers to make a purchase via PayPal.
Campaigns are also fully measurable. Charities can track the number of QR code scans, the number of visits to the response page, as well as view live and up-to-date donations and the contact information of the donor.
It is claimed the analytical data generated will help charities to better understand their customers and increase ROI on their marketing campaigns.
An analysis of TNT Post’s wide charity client base has shown who the most generous donors are, at a national, regional, city and town level. This will allow charities to identify and target the most potentially generous donors, reducing waste on marketing spend while increasing the ROI.
According to the company’s research, Scotland is the most generous region in the UK, followed by London, Northern Ireland, Lancashire and the East of England.
TNT Post Door Drop Media managing director Mark Davies said: “Our initiative combines modern technology with traditional direct marketing media. This means geographical targeting will increase the likelihood of donations for charities.
“Creative is never more powerful than when it is in the hands of the recipient. Now for the first time, we can harness that zero moment of truth facilitated by the scan of a QR code on a smartphone or tablet. Action Now ensures that users are able to donate to a good cause simply, inexpensively and securely, in a matter of seconds.”

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