Veterinary practice puts balls on the line in ad offensive

petsBrand owners might be fretting over what they can include in their UK ads after the regulator deemed two seemingly innocuous commercials “harmful” for portraying gender stereotypes but in other countries it appears they have no such qualms.
In fact, one veterinary practice on Australia’s Gold Coast has beaten the snip after launching an outdoor campaign under the strapline: “Those are a fine pair of testicles said no one ever! 20% off de-sexing.”
Helensvale-based VetLove is running the ad as part of “Operation Wanted”, in which vets offer a 20% discount off their usual “de-sexing” fee.
Manager Felisia Green told Gold Coast Bulletin: “We’ve got something different on our sign every week, we’ve definitely seen more de-sexings since we’ve started. We’ve had 50 Shades of Spay, we had a Bachelor Pet Day to try to rehome animals, we just try to make it a bit of fun to get some attention.
“One of our nurses walked in on Monday morning and didn’t notice and one of the school kids was laughing his head off looking at her, she didn’t know what he was on about.”
Green said that there had not been a single complaint about the poster.
On Facebook one user wrote: “Vets with a sense of humour and that are amazing with my animals, we’re very happy pet parents.” Meanwhile, another added: “Had a wee giggle yesterday when I drove past.”

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