Virgin accused of blocking opt-outs

Virgin accused of blocking opt-outs.jpg newVirgin Media has come under fire over its marketing opt-out policy after one West Midlands resident repeatedly asked the firm to stop sending unnaddressed mailings, only to be met with aggressiveness and inaction.
The woman from Warley contacted the company on her elderly mother’s behalf over the letters addressed to “The Occupier” but was so frustrated with the Virgin’s response, she contacted the Consumer Champions column in The Guardian.
She wrote: “My mother is elderly and does not need the extra mail. I rang Virgin Media three times and it has been aggressive with me, and nothing happens. My mother gets a letter every fortnight.”
Only when contacted by the paper did Virgin finally agree to remove the woman’s mum from the database, but said anyone else who did not want to receive mailshots should sign up to the Royal Mail door to door opt-out scheme.
Last month it was revealed that plans to set up a centralised opt-out service for unaddressed direct mail – first announced back in 2011 – are still no closer to fruition.
The DMA reacted angrily to claims that it had sabotaged the scheme, insisting it is still waiting for ministers to get onboard.

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