Whistl sees door drops soar as brands test sampling

marketing_doordropWhistl has witnessed a 24% increase in its door drop volumes over the past year, amid claims by the company that more and more brands are signing up to its sampling service.
A slew of FMCG firms have embraced the medium over the past few weeks, including Nikwax distributing trial samples of its waterproofing liquid and AB World Foods Westmill brand sending a full-size sample of its Elephant Atta Flour to homes to increase sales through independent store.
Whistl Doordrop Media managing director Mark Davies reckons the increase in door drop volumes underlines the continuing importance of physical printed media in the marketing mix.
He said: “Brand managers recognise the unique role of sampling to either promote a new product or reinvigorate an established brand. At home, consumers are able to experience the product straight away such as with a tea bag putting the product front of mind to drive sales with discount coupons both instore and online.
“In-home sampling has the unique ability to bring a brand to life in the environment in which it will be used.”
The move follows the publication of Royal Mail MarketReach research which shows that young people who share flats or houses display relatively low response rates to addressed mail, but have comparatively high response rate to unaddressed mail.
The “Seven Life Stages of Mail” report says that so-called “Sharers” are only beginning to show up on databases, so are difficult to target through personalised marketing, however, they do show a high propensity to respond to door drops.
A full copy of the “Seven Life Stages of Mail” report is available free to download from here>

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