C4 Bake Off: Showstopper ads for showstopper show

bake offAnd so to Channel 4 dear readers for a new slice of The Great British Bake Off, and why not, we hear you ask. After all, what’s not to like about the technical challenge and the Hollywood handshake?

Now while week one is already done and dusted, with Jurgen becoming the first coveted star baker and Tom already heading home, Channel 4 has been aiming to whip up fans with an outdoor ad campaign that could even rival one of the show’s very own showstoppers.

Kicking off with a 78ft tall layer cake zoomed onto an Argyle Street building in Glasgow, complete with a giant 23ft fork, the campaign turns everyday ordinary scenarios from across the UK into kitchen creations.

Produced by Channel 4’s in-house creative agency 4Creative, working with OMD UK and Talon Outdoor, digital screens in cities including Leeds, London, Glasgow and Manchester depict the locations’ skylines and reflect the changing weather conditions in real-time with a Bake Off twist.

A series of short films on TV and social media merge glorious cakes and bakes from within the Bake Off tent with the real world – from coastal cliffs exposing the UK’s Victoria sponge centre and a Battenburg lorry on a busy motorway to tractors lifting Lamingtons and the construction of a mille-feuille tower block.

All activity is designed to mirror the escapism that Bake Off brings to viewers’ lives by making things a little bit sweeter and little less serious. Channel 4 has also created a bespoke AR lens that enables users on Snapchat and Instagram to turn themselves into an array of bakes.

Channel 4 marketing director Amber Kirby seems pretty chuffed with the end result: “People love indulging in the Bake Off escapism every year, it’s just so gloriously fun. This campaign imagines how cake can make life just that little bit sweeter; transforming the mundane, the everyday, and the sometimes serious, into something that just makes you smile. Just like the smile you have knowing that Bake Off – Channel 4’s biggest show – is back.”

Meanwhile, 4Creative executive creative director Lynsey Atkin chipped in: “In years past, Bake Off has served up some big fantasy ads – from singing cakes to Cookie Monsters and oven-ready miners. This year rather than escaping our world completely, we wanted to merely improve it after a tough 12 months – with layers of buttercream and a collision of fun elements in typical D-I-Y Bake-Off style.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, as you may have already guessed, we love a bit of Bake Off. Not that we are dab hands in the kitchen; in fact we can’t tell a Spotted Dick from a Flies Graveyard, but there is something quintessentially British about watching wannabe bakers get all hot and bothered in a tent before everything goes pear shaped.

Of course, it’s easier to advertise Bake Off than, say, Cillit Bang, because you can have so much fun with it. But this campaign does not disappoint; now, please just send us some doughnuts, scones, pies, and bread…

Decision Marketing Adometer: A ‘not a soggy bottom in sight’ 9 out of 10


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