KFC ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’: Oh Mother, not this time…

KFC_2In advertising, much like life itself, timing is everything. So, given the global escalation of the coronavirus, and the widespread calls for good hygiene practices and constant handwashing, this week might not, just might not, be the best time to launch an ad showing your customers licking their fingers.

Ah well, sadly it’s all a little too late for Mother’s new spot for KFC, designed to help the UK remember just how “Finger Lickin’ Good” its chicken is.

Set in time to Chopin’s Nocturne op. 9 No 2 reworked, the ad is simple enough, and depicts a host of customers licking the “secret recipe ingredients” off their greasy fat fingers, punctuated by one final slurp on an index digit.

The TV ad will be supported by online activity, featuring “Finger Lickin’ Etiquette”, as well as outdoor executions.

KFC marketing manager for UK & Ireland Dhiren Karnani appears chuffed about the campaign’s launch. He said: “KFC is truly finger lickin’ good, and this campaign will re-ignite the meaning back into the phrase we all know and grew up with.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office? Will we be rushing to our nearest KFC to get lickin’ or will we be rushing to the basin to give our hands a damn good scrub?

Now, some commentators have claimed this ad gives KFC a touch of class…well, we’re guessing a smattering of Chopin does that for you. It certainly worked for Galaxy chocolate bars back in 2014.

However, all that lickin’ makes us feel a bit queasy and compared to last year’s Godfather-pastiche, Chicken Town, this execution is more Iceland Bargain Bucket than Big Daddy or Zinger Tower. Chuck in the disastrous timing and you have a plucking nightmare.

Decision Marketing Adometer: A chlorinated 5⅜ out of 10

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